Dear customers and partners,

In the present circumstances with the COVID-19 situation, we understand the importance of support and confidence for all of us.  Like many others, the IP-Max team has switched to remote work.  This fact will not affect the performance of our services or their quality.

Our Network Operation Center continues to function on a 24/7/365 basis.  Considering the increased load on the network due to remote work policies that are in place around Europe, the availability of Internet services is as critical as ever.  That is why we guarantee a timely and quick response of our engineers to possible problems.

We continue to maintain the network infrastructure and customize configurations as they are required.  Projects requiring on-site operations might require slightly more time than usual, in case of of travel restrictions.

The events planned by us for the rest of the year (presentations, visits of datacenters, the 15th anniversary of the company) have not yet been canceled.   We will monitor the development of the situation in Europe and inform you in advance about all changes in the program.

We are always available for you to resolve any issues by phone and email.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.