IP BGP Transit

We believe that redundancy is the most important aspect of network design. IP-Max uses BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to build fully redundant and scalable connections to the IPv4 and IPv6 Internet. We offer multi-homed, managed Internet connectivity that ensures business continuity. We can provide redundant connections to our own backbone or we will find a partner network to use for redundancy. This allows our clients to avoid any potential outage scenarios on an individual supplier’s network.

If needed, IP-Max can manage our client’s relationship with RIPE-NCC and help in obtaining resources such as your Autonomous System (AS) Number or IP allocations. IPv4 space is still available through through the official channels! There is no need to buy IPv4 addresses from questionable brokers. Don’t wait! Ask IP-Max to help you lock down your IPv4 connectivity and your provider Independence, once and for all.

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