Internet access

We offer quality connectivity, either to the Internet at the most suitable datacenter, or we can route directly to a selected Internet Exchange of your choice, using lowest latency routes, where possible. Whether it be for remote-desktop computing, global cloud connectivity, financial transactions or user content, IP-Max has proven its capacity to continuously deliver high quality IP Transit to all its customers.

Our active peering strategy aims to constantly improve direct connectivity to every possible network on the Internet. We constantly monitor round-trip times, jitter, packet-loss, to many destinations, and maintain a superior quality network routing. But it’s not just about having access to the Internet, its about using multiple suppliers and diverse routing for connectivity!

From 2 Mbps to multiple 10 Gbps, IP-Max offers quality pipeline access direct into the Internet

Quick Install! We can install as fast as the next day for on-net locations.

  • Symmetric links
  • Unlimited volume 
  • We provide you with your own official public IP addresses
  • Pro-active network monitoring with real-time statistics available online

If you are located in one of our connected PoPs, you can get an initial free trial during which time you will be able to check our services to your usual destinations.

Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

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