Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service

Today, a robust and fast DDoS protection is as relevant as ever. How to protect your business, recognize an attack and avoid negative consequences? Being an official partner of Radware, global leader of cyber security solutions, IP-Max is ready to offer to its customers the best solution – Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service,  witch local installation in Switzerland will keep the latency low for your traffic.

Radware’s attack mitigation service provides the most comprehensive attack mitigation coverage. Using this solution, over 100 attack vectors on the network and application layers are detected and mitigated including: large volume network attacks, SYN floods, HTTP floods, brute force, session attacks, SSL encryption, BGP table attacks and invasive scans.

In the case of an attack, every second counts! Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service is available everywhere on IP-Max network.

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