IP-Max Network Engineering

Network Platforms

IP-Max designs, builds and supports complete network platforms.

Where network service availability is a major factor in your operational success, we bring our solutions.

Most companies want to focus on their core business. We can help them concentrate on key business strategy while we take care of  the business critical data network that supports it.

IP-Max follows the concept of “Intelligent Infrastructure as a Service”.

And because our implementation is so well designed and packaged, we can deliver solutions globally.

Network Platform tailoring

  • From simple Internet access to Enterprise wide, via Network Virtualization Platforms
  • Suited for single or multiple organisations in the same infrastructure
  • Mono-site or multi-site
  • Enhanced network availability
  • Non-Stop-Networking paradigm
  • Multiple Operators (Upstreams)
  • Industry standards compliant
  • Optimized routing with BGP and OSPF
  • Firewalling, VPN access, shared services (Voice, Storage…)
  • SLA : Response time : 1h / Repair time : 4h

Platform Monitoring

  • Network monitoring
  • Traffic & error graphs on all links
  • Real-time network weathermap
  • Continuous packet-loss probing on :
    • Platform
    • Well-known destinations, Uplinks providers, DNS root servers (global connectivity)
    • Any other address on request
    • Adapted to customer needs, “Inside” monitoring, IP-SLA specific probing
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