Services by IP-Max

Ethernet services

IP-Max offers Ethernet Private Line (EPL) or Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) solutions. Providing dedicated paths or flexible routing networks that correspond with your requirements, thanks to agreements with key metro, regional and global operators

We offer customer access to our PoPs (layer-2 transport), connectivity between PoPs, or for routes directly between customer sites.

Our Ethernet service is fully transparent for a customer and actually represents an analogue of a leased line between two points with two Ethernet interfaces. This service is an effective tool for substitution of SDH routed leased lines.

Between certain locations we are also able to offer WDM (Wave, Lambda) capacity. In fact anything is possible. Just talk to us so that we can discuss your real needs.

We provide redundant circuits that allow fast rerouting in case of network failure.

Note: In description of this service the terms Ethernet Leased line (E-Line), VPWS (Virtual Private Wire Service), Point-to-Point Virtual Leased Line (PT2PT VLL), ePIPE, and Ethernet Wire Service (EWS) are also widely used. it can also be identified as  L2VPN .

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