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IP-Max offers latest technology routings using Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), a technology for speeding up network traffic flow and making it easier to manage.

MPLS-enabled IP VPN (MPLS VPNv4), allows the use of a single network to support your voice, data and other business applications, whilst providing high levels of privacy, security, performance and reliability.

MPLS basics

The operation of MPLS involves setting up a specific path for a given sequence of data packets, identified by a label put in each packet. This saves the time needed for a network router to look up the address to the next router, for forwarding the packet. MPLS is called multi-protocol because it works with Internet Protocol (IP), Asynchronous Transport Mode (ATM), and Frame Relay (legacy) network protocols.

In addition to moving traffic faster overall, MPLS makes it easy to manage a network’s quality of service (QOS).


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