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The existing world of allocating Internet addresses to users of the global IP network has been managed within a protocol known as IPv4. This system has catered very well with demand so far, but the enormous growth in internet activity has resulted in an unforeseen demand for addresses which IPv4 cannot accommodate. The network has used up most of its possible addresses.

The eventual exhaustion of IPv4 addressing has led to the introduction of a more future proof protocol known as IPv6. This system is now in use, alongside IPv4, but they are not compatible. The use of IPv4 will necessarily continue but all new addresses will eventually need to be processed via IPv6. The gradual migration of IPv4 network users onto IPv6 will take some time, so they will co-exist into the near future.

Switzerland is a world leader in introducing IPv6

IP-Max are experts in managing IPv4 and IPv6 solutions and as such can offer supply of either one or a mix of both (dual supply), to suit your needs.

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