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BGP Feed

Is Internet access reliability crucial to the operation of your business? Yes, of course it is!

IP-Max offers dual routed, managed Internet connectivity that ensures business continuity. We can provide dual paths on our own backbone or take a partner Service Supplier’s network to supplement our own, to pre-empt any potential outage scenarios on an individual supplier’s network.

IP-Max manages the dual routes using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol).This protocol is used to make core routing decisions on the Internet, using intelligent network monitoring of availability, always using the best routes identified.

IP-Max provides BGP solutions which depend on redundant equipment and paths to the Internet. The protocol interrogates the available paths on each route and automatically picks the best network available at any one time.

To ensure your future connectivity, as a supplier of both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity, IP-Max has the ability to provide redundant paths using either one of these protocols or as a mixed solution. IPv4 is running out of addresses available, therefore IPv6 is looking to future expansion.

If needed, IP-Max can handle the RIPE-NCC operations and help in obtaining IP resources such as your Autonomous System (AS) Number or IP space.


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