Services by IP-Max

Co-location & Hosting

Because each customer has different needs, in terms of datacentre support, IP-Max chooses to offer access to a broad selection of locations.

We have access to the best datacentres in Switzerland, might they be the most secure, the handiest to get to, the most suitable for your network redundancy, or maybe with the best cost orientation to suit your companies needs. We are always looking to add to our list of PoP (Point of Presence) locations, as our customer requirements determine.

IP-Max currently offers its IT housing services in :

  • Geneva : Equinix GV1
  • Geneva : Equinix GV2
  • Geneva : SafeHost
  • Geneva : IBM/Gigaplex
  • Le Noirmont: CDROM
  • Zürich: Equinix ZH1
  • Zürich : Equinix ZH5
  • Lausanne : Malley
  • Lausanne : Brainserve
  • Attinghausen : Deltalis DK2*
  • Paris : Telehouse 2
  • Frankfurt : NewTelco
  • Moscow : MMTS9
  • Lyon : SFR Vénissieux
  • Slough : Equinix LD6

* For high security combined with high carbon efficiency, we provide attractive offers at the ‘Databunker’ in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Our partnership with the datacenter operator Deltalis permits us to deliver efficient backup solutions.

“Deltalis DK2 : probably the most secure datacenter in the world”

Hosting in Switzerland

Why choose Switzerland for your data-centre in Europe ?

  • Competitive energy prices
  • Securest Data Protection Laws in Europe
  • Superb latency to all of Europe due to excellent fiber all around the country
  • Construction quality
  • Multi-lingual work force, well educated
  • Superb train service with quality trains, regular schedules, low fares, punctual departures and arrivals
  • One hour flight from much of Europe including England, France and Germany
  • Clean power with one of the lowest carbon impacts per kWh anywhere in the world
  • High quality of life, clean environment

IP-Max Datacenter Services

From 1U to several racks, you can get access to the rackspace best prices we have negotiated with our datacenter providers.

The amount of racks IP-Max operate in its datacenters guaranties a very good price range on the housing and hosting of our customer services.

Please contact us if you require any further information.

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