About IP-Max Network


This page will provide latest announcements which IP-Max wishes to share with you:

17th July 2015 – IP-Max signs deal to deliver its services in Cape Town, South Africa

19th June 2015 – IP Max sponsors the Carriers Lunch Boat Event in Geneva

1st May 2015 – IP-Max becomes official reseller of the German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) port access in Frankfurt

21st-22nd April 2015 IP-Max promotes its services, as an exhibitor at the annual SITB event, Geneva exhibition centre (Palexpo)

15th April 2015 – France Internet Exchange (France-IX) access brought online in Paris

12th April 2015 – IP-Max PoP brought online at Telehouse TH2 in Paris

4th August 2014 – IP-Max & IXcellerate IP-Max announces joint project with IXcellerate (Moscow) data centre

26th June 2014 – IP-Max presents at Equinix ZH5 Datacenter Open-Day

23rd May 2014 – IP-Max sponsors the Geneva Carriers Lunch event

25th April 2014 – IP-Max Pop brought online at Equinix ZH5, Zürich

28th February 2014 – IP-Max European Ring brought on-line

26th February 2014 – London Internet Exchange (LINX) access brought on-line

24th February 2014 – IP-Max’s first UK PoP brought online in Slough, Equinix LD4

13th November 2013 –  IP-Max has presence at Torino Internet Exchange (TOP-IX)

10th October 2013 – IP-Max Pop brought on-line at Brainserve DC, Crissier, Lausanne

23 September 2013 – IP-Max operates a 10 Gbps national backbone, connecting Geneva Equinix 1 & 2, Zürich & DK2 (Deltalis)

2 September 2013 – Bernard Ravenscroft joins IP-Max as Sales & Marketing Director

8 August 2013 – German Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) access brought on-line

19th July 2013 – IP-Max PoP brought on-line in Moscow (M9 – MSK-IX access)

11th July 2013 – Frankfurt (New-Telco) PoP brought on-line (DE-CIX access)

10th June 2013 – IP-Max feeds the most secure datacenter in the World with a 10Gbps link

3rd May 2013 – IP-Max PoP brought on-line in Zürich (Equinix Exchange access)

21st March 2013 – Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) access brought on-line